Posting Photos of Your Baby

Every once in a while, the news channels will report on a mother who found their child’s photo on a child pornography website. Horrifying right?  So when Obi was born my husband and I talked about our options for safely sharing photos of our little one with family and friends. I have a pretty locked down Facebook profile but I do have a lot of friends on there from college that I don’t exactly remember.  I’m working on deleting people but it’s a slow going process.

One option is to create a secret Facebook group and limit members to family and close friends.  But I have never been completely sure that the Facebook security was completely locked down.  Also, its easy to snag photos from the Facebook News feed. Occasionally I share a photo- for major milestones- but for the most part I try to keep  90% of the photos I take off Facebook.

A second option is the website Tinybeans. Its a photo sharing website that allows you to update people on a specific email list.  You can comment on the photos and its limited to the people you have email addresses for. There’s an app for Iphone and probably for Android- I don’t have an android phone so I am not sure. I tried using it before Obi was born but I decided it wasn’t a good fit for me. I have a ton of photography apps on my phone already and didn’t want to add another- they take up a lot of memory.  If you are interested in Tinybeans check out their website

The third option is Google+. My cousin uses Google+ to share photos and videos of his daughter. Its great if you already have a Gmail account because chances are you have the email addresses of family and friends already through your email addresses and you can just add them all to the subject line. It also shows up on the Google+ news feed even though I don’t really know anyone  besides my cousin who uses Google+ as their main social media presence.

The option that I selected was Instagram. I already use Instagram for myself and I can always give Obi the password to his account when he’s grown up and has a cell phone of his own. (EEk!) He can see photos that chronicle his childhood and add his own someday.  So I created an Instagram account for photo sharing and use it only for photos of him.  The people who follow him are all people I know and talk to on a regular to semi regular basis. Its harder to take photos from Instagram and I was really able to censor his followers.

In the end, everyone chooses what works for them. Technology changes so often there will probably be more options for photosharing.


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