Second Pregnancy Challenges

IMG_4328          Surprise! We are pregnant again. It’s been awhile since I last wrote but I have been trying to wrap my head around two kids under 2 as a stay at home mom. Among other challenges of having a toddler, this pregnancy the second time around is so different from my first. For one thing, I can’t tell you just how far along I am. But I do know my due date- December 25, 2016.  Second of all, I am so determined to stay fit and healthy this time around so I am equal parts sore and exhausted for both weight lifting reasons and just not being able to do as much as I had been able to the last 5 or 6 months before the second baby became a reality.

The challenges of a second pregnancy are multiple, as so many other moms of multiple kids are familiar with. I struggle with trying to figure out what we’ll need for this second baby- since I still have so many things from the first time around. Last time, Obi Wan decided to stop nursing very early on (4 months) and we drowned in the cost of formula for those last 8 months. So I want to be sure I nurse as long as I can this time around.

Nursing was one of my biggest challenges as a first time mom. Not because my nipples cracked and bled. I struggled with supply issues, the discomfort of engorgement, awkwardly nursing in public spaces, gaining weight when others were losing. The biggest challenge was that it gave me no joy. Just relief that I wasn’t disappointing anyone in deciding not to nurse. I was tied to Owen’s nursing schedule which ranged from every 20 minutes to every 2 hours. And I was filled with anxiety when he was hungry while we were out in public- that someone would confront me for daring to feed my kid when nothing else would make him happy.

Needing a bigger home is perhaps the biggest cost challenge. As a single income family, we are limited in what we can afford. With home prices as they are here in San Diego, it’s basically impossible to purchase a home on a single income. So renting a home isn’t much more affordable but we found an option that will probably work for us.

In the end, finding a balance between two children, and making time for myself and my fledgling photography business is maybe the most important challenge. And accepting that things will take a back seat at least at first. We found out that we are having a girl so the excitement of a girl baby and a new home to raise her and her big brother in occupy my thoughts as I go to my prenatal appointments and swim laps at the Y. I’ll update my progress as I go through my last 5 months- and promise to be more upbeat and positive about things as the due date gets closer. After all, negativity and constant stress aren’t good for anyone.





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