A Day at the Santee Y

IMG_4549In the summer months, finding activities that don’t overheat both me or Obi are a challenge. No one is happy being sweaty and hot.  So today we decided to venture out to East County Santee to check out the YMCA there. They have an aquatics center that is amazing with a 1ft 6 in deep wading pool, water park style playground complete with mini water slides just tame enough for Obi to go down with adult assistance.

We haven’t scheduled swim lessons yet because Obi still isn’t sure about pools and places where he can’t touch the bottom. I would hate to spend the money and have an uncooperative toddler that wouldn’t end up learning anything anyways. Anyone experience this first hand?

So with a backpack full of snacks, swim diapers and other “necessary” items, we headed east into warmer territory to check out this mini aquatic park.  If you are a member of the YMCA in San Diego, this qualifies you to entry at all San Diego YMCAs. I love the Y. The one time initiation fee is $50 and for a Family 1 memebership its $65 per month, which is automatically deducted on the 15th or 16th of each month.

This includes childcare for up to 2 hours while you work out- or just go take a shower without phantom baby cries.   At most of the Ys in San Diego, they offer a baby room for kiddos 0-12 months. This is nice because it’s quieter, the ratio of caregiver to child is much more ideal (think 2:2 or 2:3) and they will call you if your child requires your attention (diaper change or will not stop crying). They will feed your child if you provide a pre-mixed or pre-pumped bottle of formula or breastmilk.  Once your child is a solid walker, they move into the Kids Place, a wild raucous room of children of all ages and toys for all ages.  YMCA official website Each Y has their own ChildWatch hours so make sure you check your local Y.

This was my main motivation for joining. As a stay at home mom, I rarely get time to myself to use the restroom, much less time to go workout and/or shower. I struggled to get back into shape and in addition, struggled with post partum depression and anxiety. The Y gave me a place to go to work off my panic attacks or inexplicable sadness.

Today, the Y gave me and my crazy toddler a place to go and cool off in water that was not too deep and fun enough that he didn’t want to leave.  There are two lines into the Aquatic center. One for non-members where you pay a fee of $20, sign a waiver for children under 18 and receive a magenta wristband (I’m sure the colors change every season). And a second for members where they scan your membership and give you orange wristbands. It was a nonexistant line really, so we walked right in.

The best advice I can give you is to arrive right when it opens to snag a lounge chair in the shade. The interactive pool area is open 9am-11:55am, 12:30pm-3:25pm, and 4pm-6:55pm. Always check their calendar or call before you go in case there is a swim event going and you get turned away or it is too crowded. Click the link to the schedule valid thru September 5th, 2016.

Aquatics Schedule for the Cameron Family YMCA

10123 Riverwalk Dr. Santee, CA 92071




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