The New Tupperware Party

Being a stay at home mom sometimes means no personal income to speak of and that can be frustrating. Luckily, with the versatility of Facebook, a new trend of businesses have cropped up that has allowed a lot of moms to stay at home and continue to earn a living, or at least make some extra cash. They come in the form of online (Facebook hosted) parties. Some of these businesses are well known: Jamberry nail wraps, Origami Owl jewelry, LulaRoe clothing, Scentsy, and 31 bags and totes. These companies require an initial start up investment cost and then each independent sales consultant  earns a percentage of their sales. 

The ladies who “host” these parties receive a hostess gift at either a fraction of the cost or for free at the end of the party. I have been lucky enough to win a mystery hostess gift through Origami Owl.  The parties are fun, usually invoking participation with games, survey posts and general social media interaction between the sales consultant  and party attendees. The best part? You can attend these parties without leaving your home. 

I am hosting a 31 Party this week and wanted to get to know my consultant and the company 31 a little more.  

Leah Hunter has been selling with 31 for almost 3 years now. She got involved with the company during her husband’s second deployment. She had a part time job but wanted another way to earn an income while spending time with her kids. 

What is 31? 

Thirty-One is a faith based company that focuses on celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women. We offer products such as our famous Large Utility Tote and Lunch Break Thermal to our recently launched jewelry line, JK by Thirty-One, and our purse line, Jewell by Thirty-One.

​In addition to celebrating and empowering women, Thirty-One supports girls and families through Thirty-One Gives. We have partnered with Charities such as Girl Talk, Ronald McDonald House and just this year we will be working with Children’s Network Hospitals.

The name Thirty-One is based off Proverbs Chapter 31. When Thirty-One was formed, the goal was to help women by providing them with an opportunity to run their own business. Thirty-One is committed to providing women with a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding experience – one person, one party, one encounter at a time. It’s about building relationships – the products speak for themselves.

What are the top selling items? 

Some of our top selling items are the Large Utility Tote, Thermal Tote, Family Fun Thermal, Fold N’ File, Hanging All About the Benjamins wallet, Everything Crossbody, Traveler Case, Oh-Snap Bin, and our Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote. Our new canvas wall art is sure to be a big hit this fall!

 How does it all work? 

Thirty-One is simple. Once you sign up to become a consultant, you are part of the Thirty-One family. As a consultant you are not required to have inventory on hand and many people have a successful, online party only business. It is your business so you are able to make it what you want – a full time career or a hobby to get out of the house a couple nights a week.

​As an Independent Consultant you earn 25% of your personal volume. In other words, any product you sell (hostess benefits not included) you will earn 25% off of it. As you build your team and support others in owning their own business, your earnings will change.  

What’s your favorite product? 

I have to pick just 1 product?! My favorite would have to be the Large Utility Tote. It can be used for SO many things! I have one for our pool items, one for grocery shopping, one to hold miscellaneous items in my truck, one for taking multiple items back and forth to work. The list could go on and on.

How do you become an independent consultant? 

Joining the Thirty-One family is easy. Find the consultant you would like to sign up under, if you had one, by going to their website. For example, my website is You would scroll down to the bottom of the web page and click on ‘Join My Team’. From there it’s entering all the information needed to set up your account and personal webpage. The cost of the enrollment kit is $99.00 (US) plus tax and shipping and handling. The enrollment kit features over $400.00 worth of products and contains everything you will need to start your own business. The support provided by Thirty-One’s Home Office and other Thirty-One women is something I have never experienced. Joining the ThirtyOne family has been one of the best decisions I have made and would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to take the next step.

So check out the products and see if you can find that tote you need for your kids or yourself, and consider whether becoming an independent consultant is right for you! 


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